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Photography in Arizona, Oregon & Beyond




When I was small, my grandmother would find me sitting next to the picture cabinet with stacks of albums next to me. Once I had a camera of my own, I was snapping photos at all times. She used to say, "You should be a photographer. You already are one." Two degrees and ten years of teaching later - I finally decided to listen to grandma. I am a wife to a man with the coolest name in the world (Canyon), mama of two lively boys (Nolan & Arlo), the co-founder of Click! Collaborative and hopefully YOUR photographer.

Sometimes I think about passing moments in life and I'm overwhelmed by the beauty life brings - your wedding day, placing your hand on your belly to feel your baby kick, your first days home with your new baby, being surrounded by your family on an average day.


 My hope is to be a visitor to your moments. Let's encapsulate what you love about your now, so you can keep it forever. 

These are the heirlooms that matter.